In modern business, an organisation is only as strong as its people. Having knowledgeable, skilled employees who operate at peak productivity is essential for gaining a competitive edge. However, managing training across a large workforce takes a lot of time, effort, and ultimately, cost.

That’s where My Training Passport comes in.   

As a robust training management system designed for the digital age, My Training Passport streamlines every aspect of employee training administration. The result? Your workforce receives timely, relevant training reminders, a fast and easy portal, a customisable training matrix and a smart and unique way to demonstrate their training and qualifications, meaning they can enhance their skills, engagement and performance, and your organisation can focus on what they do best!

In this post, we’ll explore the top five ways My Training Passport helps you ditch the spreadsheet and empowers you to build a stellar training programme that transforms your workforce.

Automatic Reminders: Prevent Lapses

Let’s face it – with hectic work schedules, training renewal dates are easy to miss. That’s why one of the biggest challenges in managing employee training is ensuring that everyone stays up to date. With My Training Passport, automatic reminder notifications are sent to those who need to be aware, eliminating the hassle of manually tracking training expiration dates on spreadsheets on a daily or weekly basis.

Eliminating painful calendar reminders and automatically generating notifications when you need them, as mandatory training is nearing expiry.

Employees receive prompts to re-certify while managers identify team members falling behind. This prevents critical certifications from lapsing unexpectedly, keeping your workforce compliant and your company protected! A great safety and training record won’t necessarily win you business, but a poor safety record and un-trained personnel will certainly cost you business.

Instant, On-Demand Reporting Provides Visibility

To manage training effectively, you need to know where your people stand. A training management platform makes it easy to see ‘at a glance’ metrics and generate up-to-the-minute reports with a few clicks.

Get granular information and filter training data by department, location, job role, completion status and other facets to gain deeper insights. Quickly identify strategic strengths and concerning gaps across the organisation. For example, which areas need extra safety training investment? Which roles require priority leadership development?

Whether you’re working on budgeting, forecasting, or evaluating training effectiveness, these reports immediately give you this visibility, all accessible through the click of a button whenever and wherever you need them.

Managing individual training plans takes time and effort, especially for large, dynamic workforces. My Training Passport offers an elegant solution with its ‘role management’ functionality.

Simply define standardised training requirements for specific job roles – such as Operatives, Engineers, or Specialists – rather than individual employees. As people move through the organisation, their roles (and automatically associated training) can be adjusted accordingly.

Having clear and visible pathways helps ensure that employees are compliant with their training requirements and aids in career progression by setting clear targets and ensuring employee retention.

Smart Sessions+

Are you often conducting internal training or Toolbox Talks? My Training Passport makes delivering and tracking workshops, safety drills and other sessions effortless, as it can act as the course register and speed up administration.

Easily schedule courses, register attendees and record participation in seconds. After completion, the system automatically issues certificates and updates employee records and their smart cards. No more scrambling to compile and decipher sign-in sheets, scan forms and manually enter data.

This seamless session management saves your team time while providing managers with attendance reports at their fingertips.

Gap Analysis

Identifying skills gaps and shortages within your organisation is crucial for effective workforce planning. You can simplify this task by using a training management system, allowing you to quickly and easily perform a gap analysis. While reporting provides insights into current training levels, gap analysis uncovers what’s missing.

Enabling you to quickly identify skills gaps across your workforce. 

Compare employee training profiles to role requirements and determine where deficiencies exist. Then, address shortcomings with targeted development initiatives before they hamper performance and progress.

If issues such as leadership weaknesses, software proficiency lags, or rising safety incident rates arise, you can utilise My Training Passport to help you gain an understanding of the organisation’s current skills and plan a clear roadmap for strengthening employee competencies through training!


At My Training Passport, we take pride in offering something that sets us apart from other systems -– our SmartCard. With this innovative feature, we make it easy for our users to present their records with ease, making it convenient to showcase their qualifications at any given moment regardless of provider or awarding body.

Imagine having the ability to share your credentials with just one tap of your SmartCard onto a smartphone, tablet, or reader? Well, now you can! Alternatively, we can also utilise your phone’s wallet application to conveniently share your skills, training and certification; both unique methods allow staff or contractors to quickly demonstrate their skills to internal checks or client requests.

So say goodbye to the days of rummaging through paperwork, searching through Excel sheets and scanning copies of certificates. Our efficient system ensures you stay effortlessly organised, saving you valuable time while guaranteeing that everyone has access to the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

We’re here to help you

Automated tracking, simplified role management, robust reporting, built-in gap analysis and a unique method of demonstrating competency – My Training Passport transforms training from a headache into a competitive advantage. The result is an agile, skilled workforce that drives productivity, innovation and results.

Take advantage of the opportunity to streamline your training processes and improve your workforce’s skills. Visit My Training Passport today to discover how you can take advantage of this powerful training management system.

Did you know that you can book a video conference call with My Training Passport founder Mark Haylett via MS Teams or Zoom at a time that’s convenient for you? This is a no-obligation call in which you can get a full demonstration of the system and have any questions answered. We can even provide a free trial to see how it can work for you!